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A knee in the Balls
Vid Caps
Aussie BB Preview
Women Beat Men Preview
British Bitches Preview
Les Femmes Fatales Preview Preview
Velvet Kick Preview


Welcome to A Knee in the Balls

The main purpose of this site is to provide you with a preview of various ballbusting sites around the internet. I would love to hear any comments you have. Also If you have a site that you would like me to link to just mail me at
-Also, it appears the site has been going over its bandwidth usage every day, I will not be making any changes although I apologize for this inconvienience. Not a whole lot I can do about it.
November 21-
Hello, I've made updates to most of the preview areas and added the new video capture area, I dont know if anyone even comes to this site but if you do send me an electronic mail and let me know so I can better decide if I should keep working on this or not. Enjoy the new stuff. =)
December 25-
All videos are being moved to yahoo group "A Knee In The Balls" there will be more room here.

Here are links to all of the sites whose material is found on this page. Thank you all very much!

New yahoo group that will hold the video clips